Earthing Day 2

My doubting husband is actually not doubting anymore. In only 2 days we are seeing results. The first night after earthing my sore throat was gone. Coincidence maybe, but then my husbands calves were not hurting in bed that night either. The next morning being yesterday my tooth that I had pulled last week no longer felt any pain and I could eat with no problems. Remember in my first post I mentioned that I don’t really have any chronic pain so was surprised when these simple issues just went away. My husband on the other hand who has severe nervous twitching and tingling at nighttime that keeps him from sleeping didn’t have his nightly nerve pain. Maybe coincidence willing to keep it up to verify this theory. Last night was rainy and a little chilly so we only were out walking and checking on the garden for 30 minutes versus the first day of an hour. Excited and hopeful this helps my husband on a permanent basis.

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